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Over the past thirty years there has been a general sense of loss of rural neighborhood support in Galway, and Ireland as a whole. This is due to the decline of local communities, newly formed habitats and the growth of urban centres. At the same time a number of common and rare illnesses, both physical and emotional, are growing rapidly
. Death rates are increasing among those in dire need of emotional support. The key problems today are complex and inter-connected and at SCCUL Sanctuary we aim to alleviate the stress and anguish through the provision of therapy days and emotional support. See below for the problems which we address.

What We Offer


SCCUL Sanctuary connect with community groups and established charities to address the above needs. There is also a huge reserve of untapped potential such as employed people in good positions, elderly skilled people and intact families with the will to help and support. 

 The goal of SCCUL Sanctuary and Gardens is to accommodate all those organisations in line with its mission, to connect people and form a tight network of support. The house will be accessible, affordable, beneficial & empowering to all in need of healing and will create sustained impact & change.

Through providing services and therapies to improve emotional, mental, physical & spiritual wellbeing in this healing space, individuals and groups will experience personal growth, inspiration, knowledge of nature and hope for the future in the natural environment of the SCCUL Sanctuary and Gardens. Our aim is for visitors to feel nurtured and selfsustained after their time in these natural surroundings. 

Declining Physical Health

Rising general physical problems and their consequences

  • Cancer
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Heart disease
  • Parkinson’s
  • Strokes

Declining Emotional Health

Rising psychological problems:

  • Depression
  • Social isolation
  • Intellectual challenges
  • Coping with bereavement

New Poor

Unemployment and its wide-ranging impact:

  • Massive basis of skills remaining unused
  • Rising of the “new poor”, families in severe difficulties
  • Loss of social prestige
  • Depression
  • Suicide


Lack of caring for the carers:

  • Lack of support / respite
  • No recognition
  • No space or time to pursue own interests


Provision of a spiritual space for the general public:

  • Retreats


  • Teaching of “life skills” 
  • Listening (Giving children a voice) 

Aging in Isolation

A generation without a sense of being:

  • Lack of support by family and local community
  • Spiritual needs
  • Losing family and friends through bereavement
  • Sense of isolation and senseless life
  • Declining Health

Young People At A Loss

Emotionally and physically deprived young people:

  • Lack of care & understanding
  • Lack of emotional and social coping skills
  • Health -> Obesity •
  • Coping with violence
  • Bullying


The SCCUL Sanctuary will take on the following main roles
  • 1

    Play the role of host by providing indoor and outdoor space

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  • 2

    Act as a catalyst and promoter of holistic healing by organising meetings, seminars and workshops to inspire the community.

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  • 3

    Connecting people and volunteers with those in need to form a tight community

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At the SCCUL Sanctuary we offer a variety of different solutions to help encourage peace of mind for our visitors as shown below.


  • Secure, relaxed space where people can take respite from their problems 
  • Workshops, therapies & talks organised by practitioners/ volunteers: yoga, meditation, art therapy, reflexology, reiki, bio-energy, relaxation, reminiscing, classical music, knitting, poetry and prose reading and reflection 
  • Group sharing with therapists & healers 

Healing Through Nature (Outdoors)

  •  Gardening as a therapy 
  •  Walks in nature 
  • Sensing the seasons workshops 
  • Other therapeutic outdoor activities 

Intergenerational Programs

  • Bring isolated elderly people together with the youth to learn from each other 
  • Propose joint activities 

Skills Transfer

  • Teaching new skills to the unemployed 
  • Training to achieve more confidence
  • Support for successful job seeking 

Pro Bono Time of Corporate Volunteers

SCCUL Retreat Centre coordinate with a number of businesses both multinational and indigenous, who are willing to offer the time of their employees in selected areas as a means to support individuals or groups of disadvantaged people. Volunteers can donate their time in front-of-house, bring their own individual talents to the workshops, or give their time to develop particular features within the gardens and fenland. 

Developing A Break-Even Model


  • Family Support Agency
  • Grassroots – community foundation for Ireland
  • St Vincent de Paul
  • Vodafone

  • Grants
  • Corporate Support

    • Atlantic Philanthropy Fund
    • Medical device and pharmaceutical companies

  • Corporate Support
  • Friends Of Kilcuan

    • Individual or corporate member contributions
    • Corporate or group sponsors to finance those organizations who cannot afford the therapy respite days in SCCUL Retreat Centre and Gardens  

  • Friends Of Kilcuan
    • Meet the home carers

      Our experienced trained attendant service provides centre-based community care and live-in services for seniors.

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